You and I, I thought I wouldn’t last a day without you. I fill you up in my empty glass and I open my half-closed, blurry eyes. Who am I? I clutched my aching heart and tried to turn away for days. Drinking in the cold night air, wandering in this place without you. Again. I walk on the same street multiple times, pulled by the light that swallows me. Dizziness, that’s all, it’s not you. I’m fine then I start to sway.

midnight blues;

Eunhae doing the donghaek cosplay

(mamacita promotion) win: All kill week!!





favorite Ahjussies~



LOL <3

leader #2 watches the MC pass the award in his direction, and he gets this happy little smile on his face and reaches his hand out to grab it, only to realize it was getting passed to leader #1. leader #1 notices #2’s old leading instinct, looks up and smiles, and hands him the award to hold and to say the thank you speech for their 4th win

kidhae strikes again (ಠ⌣ಠ)

140912 Super Junior - Mamacita @ Music Bank

what to do when you’re home alone

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