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"One may feel dissatisfied with only 10 members on stage. However, please remember that Super Junior is forever one."

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(Source: papacitoss)

EH: We thought of what will happen to us after 10 years during this song. you won’t change even after 10 years right? me too, after 10 years, I will continue loving you .

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(Source: hyukwoon)


7/? Hyukjae’s antics @ TLJ

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Anonymous asked:
hi. i just want to say this. i'm very shocked because donghae's instagram already have 844+k followers but, kris from exo already surpasses 800+k followers in just less than one month. and then, henry just tell us he has instagram. but not many fans followed him. but when exo luhan have instagram, he's already surpasses 400+k followers in just less than 24 hours. i'm so sad. i think many elfs already left this fandom :(

i think people need to realize that their follower count on social media does not reflect the number of fans in this fandom. not following them on social media =/= not a fan/left the fandom. i dont get whats the big deal tbh its just follower count e_e


My reaction when I see something about my favorite OTP on tumblr: